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About Premier Consulting Associates, LLC


Premier Consulting Associates, LLC was established in 2004 and is located in Amherst, New York. We are an independent consulting firm that partners with employers of all sizes in managing their health care benefits. We maintain over $1 billion in insured, self-funded and prescription drug claims. We are experts in maintaining the balance between reducing costs and meeting your health plan needs.

As founders and executives of three of the largest Third Party Administrators and Insurance Companies in the country, we are specialists in the operational procedures and processes of carriers and Third Party Administrators. Our firm can evaluate, audit and assess community rated, experience rated and self-funded plan administration at a level unmatched by our competitors. As a result of this experience, our team will accurately analyze carrier capabilities and programs to match the plan’s needs with the most appropriate designs and strategy.

Premier is a national leader in experience rating and self-funded methodologies. We currently manage over $1 billion in healthcare claims and market over $10 million in stop loss premiums.

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Premier Consulting prides itself with staying up to date with current trends and regulations within the industry. We are pleased to retain memberships with the following organizations: