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Established in 2004, Premier is an independent consulting firm that offers the best healthcare benefit solutions for the employer groups of all sizes. Time and money are two valuable resources that our experts take into consideration when recommending self-Insured health insurance plans for employers. We analyze and access the self-insured benefit plans to offer optimal performance and meet the needs of management and employees.

So, if you are an employer looking for cost-saving alternatives for your employee benefits, Premier Consulting is the place for you. Find the right solutions – a better way.

Benefits of choosing self-funding.

Self-funding is the most effective way for employers to control the rising costs of health care coverage. It allows for flexibility in plan design as well as greater control over how health plan dollars are spent.

Premier Consulting

Stop loss coverage.

Stop loss coverage provides protection against catastrophic and unpredictable losses. Self-funded employers do not have to assume 100% of employee’s health care costs.

  • Premier Consulting has been an invaluable resource over the past several years that has helped the City more efficiently manage taxpayer dollars to control the cost of health insurance.

    Joseph M. Hogenkamp , City Treasurer

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