Premier Consulting


Premier Consulting can help change the behavior that drives medical costs, which in turn, will lower your healthcare spending.

While Americans today live longer, they don’t necessarily live a healthy or active life. Early identification of those individuals who have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels that are higher than desirable and who struggle with obesity allow early intervention and assistance with preventable catastrophic events or unnecessary hospitalization. Behaviors and lifestyles CAN be changed through wellness programs. Premier’s wellness programs for employees engage both sick and healthy participants and can be customized to meet the needs of each employer group. Employee participation in these programs can be encouraged through employer designed incentives such as debit cards, gym memberships, master cards, raffles, etc).

Wellness Programs and Management tools can be customized to each employer’s needs. Some of the programs available are:


While wellness programs work with participants to engage in and maintain a healthy life style, an employer also needs to focus on the opposite end of the health care spectrum- chronic conditions. Disease Management targets plan participants who may have been identified with a chronic illness such as heart disease, high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome. The program focuses on assisting and directing the participant in managing their chronic condition. Early identification of these conditions allows appropriate treatment and education to begin immediately. The sooner a condition is identified, the more quickly intervention, education and behavior modification can begin.