Premier Consulting

Data Analytics & Reporting

PremierLinxSM is Premier Consulting’s cutting-edge online management tool that applies information science and statistical techniques to the management of healthcare benefits information. We have upgraded our customer service to capture and organize key data involved in employee benefits planning with PremierLinxSM. Premier Consulting is the only data analysis and reporting services provider in NY with the capability to integrate data from multiple systems using PremierLinxSM– providing true and real-time employee information.

"Healthcare data analytics are a big advantage for benefit administrators and self-funded clients who deal with complex pharmaceutical and medical coverage," says William Brothers, CEO of Premier Consulting. "It ultimately means a better, ability to predict future healthcare costs and a better process to implement and monitor high cost claimants, disease management and wellness programs for our clients."

PremierLinxSM core services include:

"We are now able to more quickly compare clients’ performance against regional and national benchmarks. This gives us a realistic way to evaluate expenses and options for medical and prescription drugs." – Kristy Long, Premier Consulting’s Chief Operating Officer

PremierLinxSM provides detailed reporting and electronic distribution through Premier Consulting’s secure website. Customers have faster access to key information – that leads to quicker recovery of insurance claims — while providing the most competitive stop–loss/reinsurance terms available.